Tuesday, 13 December 2016

Unique JUICE

In the pursuit of health and happiness, myself and for my tribes and networks, there is one resounding factor that resonates with everyone.

It is their own unique way of squeezing the JUICE.

Everyone I meet has a different story and a new way at looking on life. I learn so much about people just by listening. By letting friends, colleagues, clients, customers, family tell their stories, their outlook is teaching me about myself.

So much can be understood when you STOP TALKING and START LISTENING.

In gaining trust through a thoughtful ear, we see the unique JUICE that people are made up from.

This is the magic in service. Knowing your story allows me to serve you to get your full potential to the surface, so you can't ignore it.

Letting go of the mold and other peoples judgements and allowing your own JUICINESS to ooze is what happiness is all about.

Peace, Love, Health and Happiness
Misty xx
Hungry 4 Fitness

Monday, 12 December 2016

Gettin' JUICY

Welcome to the Gettin' JUICY blog with Misty.

A view on life from me, a leader in the fitness industry with real world experience. I have passion for good food and good times.

I know life isn't airy fairy glamour shots on Instagram.

Life is what you make it, and I intend on making it JUICY!!

Join me in my pursuit of JUICINESS as we squeeze the juice on all topics relating to good physical and mental health.

Peace, love, health and happiness 
Misty 💖🍒🍭