Wednesday, 4 January 2017

The JUICE on 2016

Welcome to 2017 a year of leveling up

My 2016 was a year of unblocking. I finally took myself off to the Dr’s for some diagnosis.

It is truly amazing what we are prepared to put up with in our own bodies. For me, I was in constant pain – I had a headache that never went away – All too often my shoulders froze rendering them unable to move – My entire neck area just ached – The pelvic floor region wasn’t doing its job correctly – I lost my voice for 2 weeks – bloated guts, with no pooping – adrenal failure.

This is what I came away with

·         Arthritis in the neck – C4/5/6
·         Advanced sinusitis
·         Glandular fever 
·         Over sensitive bladder
·         Sympathetic dominance

All of these issues have been around for years and I choose to ignore them, in the hope they would go away. Guess what? They didn’t go away. These ailments are very easily treatable, when you find the right professional to help you. The glandular fever I’ve had for a year or 2, discovered through bloods taken back then, the problem was the DR never called to tell me my results. It was only this year where I found a new doctor who looked back through my history and told me about it. You may remember we closed the studio for a week...Well the DR told me to have 6 weeks off...LOL

With diagnosis, I am able to find the right professionals to aid me into better health. Most of the above ailments I am managing through various ways, but most importantly I now know what is going on, and I have learnt I don’t need to be in pointless pain. I have unblocked the physical issues my body held.

You may be asking what Sympathetic Dominance, or SD, is? This is my 2017 goal - to level up SD into Parasympathetic Dominance. I am passionate about this and you will learn so much more about. Basically sympathetic/parasympathetic describes the state of our nervous system, how it interacts with the rest of our body functions. It’s a very big topic and extremely important in learning how to move into a                   parasympathetic state.  

It is my goal to do this for myself, and help show you how to do it too.

By working closely with me, and Hungry 4 Fitness, you will be getting the best of the latest knowledge and techniques in learning how to better manage your physical and mental wellbeing. As well as some really cool training! We are a fitness center after all!

Peace, Love, Health and Happiness