Monday, 9 April 2018

Your JUICY image is not always for you

2 pictures, 1 year apart.

The majority of people I know do not like their picture📸 taken, nor do they like to look at themself in the mirror🙈.
I understand this, I too was not a fan of my image.
The person I saw many years ago in the mirror◻ was a sad, overweight, frumpy mum.
I didn't want to be confronted with the truth.
I played the avoidance game well.

If I don't see it, then I don't see it. Right?

Someone wise once said to me,
'Misty, the pictures I take of you are not for you. These pictures are my memories.'

This statement stopped me in my tracks.
Who am I to deniey someone I love? If they want an image of me, it's not fair of me to say no.

I sheepisly came out from behind the camera📹, and learnt something that I didn't expect - I have the power to change my image.

I didn't like what saw so I had to change.

It then became a mission of mine to be present in pictures . I learnt how to look at a camera and how to position my body to get the right look.🤳 Over time I learnt to like and now love❤ what I see.

From pictures of the past I can see the changes in my image today. My shape and posture has improved on purpose.🔥

At the moment I am focused on my running 🏃‍♀️ style. Weekly parkrun pictures 📸have enabled me to make adjustments to my stride📏.

Last year I was shuffling, this year I am flying!🛫
Good think I have my dog by my side to keep me from floating away!

Pictures are memories of the past, they are not who you are today. It is your power '

I hold myself tall,✔ as I want to project my inner health and happiness. Being a sad, frumpy mum is not who I am today.

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Wednesday, 28 March 2018

The real JUICE on PT Fitness, and why you matter.

You wont find any regurgitate memes👈 or 👉tragic fitness motivation here

Only real people doing real things 💃🕺.

For genetic workouts and a 1 size fits all approach, you'll have to look👀else where.
All PT sessions are tailored just for you 🙋‍♀️🙋‍♂️.

Misty🏃‍♀️ is honest, humble and always looking to learn more about you and how to best serve you.
She will give you the experience you expect from a personal trainer. . . . . Her undivided attention 👍.

💡Simple stuff💡

Real JUICY people
If this resonates with you, be brave and meet with Misty for your very own personal approach to your🏋️‍♂️🏋️‍♀️ fitness goals 🎯and desires.  🏄‍♀️🏄‍♂️🤺The reallife

Misty Jenkins

Peace, love health and happiness


Monday, 19 March 2018

The Juicy Secret of Health and Happiness

2 months after returning from holidays🛬, and I'm getting my shape back!
How do it do it❔

It has little to do with what I eat🥗
It has little to do with extreme amounts of exercises🏃‍♀️💃💪

So what is the secret❔

💡Everyday I enjoy some form of physical activity.
✔Run, ✔walk,✔ lift weights, ✔HIIT workouts - the type of stuff that gets the heart racing and the breath huffy puffy. Could be for 20 minutes, or 2 hours of exercise. I fit it into my day where it applies.

💡Extreme amounts of self care and recovery
I practice stretching and yoga 🕉 style moves everyday. 🌻Could only be a couple of moves for a few minutes, or a full body stretch that takes an hr to get through, my body tells me where I am tight and sore, so I work on those areas.〰️〰️
I regularly have remedial massage and relaxation massage. I see a chiro as well.
Each day I take the time to feel the earth and grass 🍀 under my feet.
I stop 🐌, close my eyes, breathe and contemplate my naval.
I've removed judgement 🙉🙈🙊from myself and those around me.

💡Eat with moderation and balance.
Yes, I eat chocolate🍩, pasta, wheat noodles, rice, potatoes🥔, meats🥓🍗, chips of the hot and cold varieties, 🧀cheese, burgers and beers!🍔🍻
I also eat lots of green leafy foods🌱🌿 and blitz my 🍓🍉🍈🍋🍏fruit into juice and pulp to drink.

💡I love myself with abundance. I turn the emotion everyone puts my way to receive it with love and empathy. 💞

💡I'm not perfect, and I never will be. I accept the ups and downs of life. I cry and I laugh. I am here to experience everything and relish the chance to connect with all sorts of people.

Exercise and diet are a small fraction of the wellness story.
Your actions, thoughts and ability to effectively💤 rest and recover 💤make up the bigger picture of health and happiness.

Peace, love, health and happiness

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Saturday, 10 March 2018

Water, water everywhere!

How I stay hydrated each day
💦 have a cup in the water filter. My plastic cup is 330ml. I drink 2 of these first up in the morning before anything else. This act wakes up the bodies metabolism, ready for food (or coffee!  keeping the cup here reminds me to drink when I am home. It really works.
💦 water bottles. I'll fill 2 of these up each day to put in the PT UTE while I travel to client homes for training. The bottle is 500ml. I have insulated bottles that keep my water cold, even after sitting in a hot Ute all day.
💦 sodastream. For a fizzy hit of water. If I'm uber thirsty, I'll down a liter of this to rehydrate quickly.
💦the Nutribullet. This is my main source of fruit each day. I drink 500ml of fruit and veggies juice topped up with water.
This works for me.
This keeps me accountable
It is organised and has structure.
Plan to succeed, find what works for you.

How can you ensure you get your required water intake each day?

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Sunday, 19 February 2017

Reflections of JUICY tights

The mirror check

No no no, this is not

‘does my bum look big in this?’ kind of story. I’m quite happy with the size and shape of my booty, you should be too. If not, change it. But that is another story for another time.

This story  also goes beyond the VPL debate (visible panty line)
This story delves into the difficult conversations I have with my clients.
Psst, I can see your undies, or in some cases, the frilly top to your g-string and the full moon it cuts in half.

Number 1 culprit....your Kmart tights!
You know the ones, we’ll all have them. The bottom of the draw, last pair of workout tights that you know you shouldn’t wear, but do anyway. I have a couple of pairs of Kmart tights myself. How can you resist the incredibly low low prices!
However I’m telling you now....

it’s not just your Kmart tights that are see through. I’ve seen through Lorna Jane’s,  Rockwear, Nike and compressions like Skins just to name a few!

This is the mirror test you should be doing. Trust me, your bum will look big in everything when you stick it out like this. Check it out, are your tights see through?

Peace, love, health and happiness
Misty xx


Wednesday, 4 January 2017

The JUICE on 2016

Welcome to 2017 a year of leveling up

My 2016 was a year of unblocking. I finally took myself off to the Dr’s for some diagnosis.

It is truly amazing what we are prepared to put up with in our own bodies. For me, I was in constant pain – I had a headache that never went away – All too often my shoulders froze rendering them unable to move – My entire neck area just ached – The pelvic floor region wasn’t doing its job correctly – I lost my voice for 2 weeks – bloated guts, with no pooping – adrenal failure.

This is what I came away with

·         Arthritis in the neck – C4/5/6
·         Advanced sinusitis
·         Glandular fever 
·         Over sensitive bladder
·         Sympathetic dominance

All of these issues have been around for years and I choose to ignore them, in the hope they would go away. Guess what? They didn’t go away. These ailments are very easily treatable, when you find the right professional to help you. The glandular fever I’ve had for a year or 2, discovered through bloods taken back then, the problem was the DR never called to tell me my results. It was only this year where I found a new doctor who looked back through my history and told me about it. You may remember we closed the studio for a week...Well the DR told me to have 6 weeks off...LOL

With diagnosis, I am able to find the right professionals to aid me into better health. Most of the above ailments I am managing through various ways, but most importantly I now know what is going on, and I have learnt I don’t need to be in pointless pain. I have unblocked the physical issues my body held.

You may be asking what Sympathetic Dominance, or SD, is? This is my 2017 goal - to level up SD into Parasympathetic Dominance. I am passionate about this and you will learn so much more about. Basically sympathetic/parasympathetic describes the state of our nervous system, how it interacts with the rest of our body functions. It’s a very big topic and extremely important in learning how to move into a                   parasympathetic state.  

It is my goal to do this for myself, and help show you how to do it too.

By working closely with me, and Hungry 4 Fitness, you will be getting the best of the latest knowledge and techniques in learning how to better manage your physical and mental wellbeing. As well as some really cool training! We are a fitness center after all!

Peace, Love, Health and Happiness

Tuesday, 13 December 2016

Unique JUICE

In the pursuit of health and happiness, myself and for my tribes and networks, there is one resounding factor that resonates with everyone.

It is their own unique way of squeezing the JUICE.

Everyone I meet has a different story and a new way at looking on life. I learn so much about people just by listening. By letting friends, colleagues, clients, customers, family tell their stories, their outlook is teaching me about myself.

So much can be understood when you STOP TALKING and START LISTENING.

In gaining trust through a thoughtful ear, we see the unique JUICE that people are made up from.

This is the magic in service. Knowing your story allows me to serve you to get your full potential to the surface, so you can't ignore it.

Letting go of the mold and other peoples judgements and allowing your own JUICINESS to ooze is what happiness is all about.

Peace, Love, Health and Happiness
Misty xx
Hungry 4 Fitness